Linear Equations in One Variable

Simple And Compound Interest

Square And Square roots

Cubes and Cube Roots


Total time: 25 min
Total Marks: 15
1.   A 10 m 50 cm high vertical pole casts a shadow 6 m long. Find at the same time the length of the shadow cast by another pole 5 m 60 cm high.
(2 Marks)
2.   A loaded truck travels 168 km in 5 hours. How far can it travel in 25 minutes?
(2 Marks)
3.   A farmer has enough food to feed 30 animals in his cattle-fret for 4 days, How long would the food last if there were 10 less animals in his farm?
(2 Marks)
4.   4 persons can build a Temple in 3 days. if there are only 3 persons to be engaged in the building task, then how long should they rake to complete the task?
(2 Marks)
5.   If 20 bottles can he packed in 15 boxes. Then how many bottles of the same batch can be packed in each box when there are 25 boxes?
(2 Marks)
6.   A car lakes 1.5 hours to reach a destination by travelling at the speed of 80 km/h. How long will it rake when the car travels at the steed of 60 km/hr?
(2 Marks)
7.   A school has 9 periods a day each of 40 minutes duration. How long would each period be, if the school has 8 periods a day, assuming the number of school-hours to be the same?
(3 Marks)
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